Do what you can't not be doing

I've heard this phrase in my early 20's. Finally now I have pleasure to understand, without what exactly I can not be. The Photography just came from my inners. It come out to be always with me. 


I was born in a Soviet family in Moscow. Friends of my dad around, artists and bibliophiles, french and italian chanson, Bertolucci, Tarkovsky, Bergman, hundreds of art albums at home, more then children's tales. I can not say that I have always been an artist, rather a pragmatist. Although in fact I could not miss the absorption of this time and culture. Fortunately! 

I was saturated with visual.


Since 2012 I live and work in Luxembourg. I love to meet new people, to create, take risks, meet your trust and the joy of result. 


This is my precious hunting pleasure: to catch the moments and do my best in revealing everyones beauty.


Polina Tronson


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